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Star of Bethlehem

Did The Star Of Bethlehem Really Exist?   At the end of what has been a very difficult year, we may have something to look forward to tonight! This evening – The 21 December 2020 – Planets Jupiter and Saturn come together in a ‘Great Conjunction’ that astronomers are implying could have been the bright star guiding The Three Magi (Kings) and King Herod to Bethlehem.  The two planets will appear as one, causing a tremendous light to be shone as if they were just one planet being viewed from Earth. The Star Of Bethlehem: We’ve all heard the Christmas story, but surprisingly there is only 1 single account of this star, written in the Book of Matthew. The exert of Matthew’s story is told below, as written in The Bible – Matthew 2:1-12: After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod, Magi from…

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Best Places To Eat In Windsor

Top 5 Places to Eat Out in Windsor and Eton Today we are at Windsor and Eton, famed for Windsor Castle and Eton College. But we’re here to offer our best tips on places to stop for lunch when visiting these two amazing towns. Here is a short list of our favourite places:   1. The Boatman   2. Esquires Coffee   3. The Two Brewers   4. Enzo’s   5. The Flaming Cow     To find out more information about these great places to eat, check out our video below and see what you can expect from these magnificent pubs, cafes and restaurants in Windsor and Eton.  

The Largest Prehistoric Monument in Britain Discovered At Stonehenge It’s incredible to think that a monument almost five thousand years old is still making headlines, but once again Stonehenge has dropped yet another clue in our endless search to discover who really built this magnificent temple? Archaeologists have recently discovered a circle of up to 20 deep shafts in the ground that span 1.2 miles in diameter, making it by far the largest monument in Ancient Britain. The  shafts circle an enclosure which was already the largest henge in Britain, known as Durrington Walls. This is where we believe the people who built Stonehenge lived in 2500BC when the huge Sarsen Stones were being added to the monument. Professor Mike Parker Pearson believes that Durrington and nearby Woodhenge were places where people celebrated life and the living, as opposed to Stonehenge which was a place more commonly associated with the…

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What will Happen to the British Monachy when Queen Elizabeth II Dies? As a new year approaches, our beloved Queen Elizabeth II will be closing into her 66th year in what is already the longest reign this country has ever seen. Whilst the Queen is still in remarkably good health, now she is 92 years old, the question of succession and titles are once again starting to raised by the general public. We often get asked various questions on tours like: Who will be King when Elizabeth dies? Will Charles hand the throne directly to Prince William? Will Camilla be Queen when Charles is King? Whilst there is no definitive answer, England has over 900 years of tradition with regard to the monarchial history. This article intends use the past as a guide to predicting what will happen in the future. Keep reading if you would like to know the…

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The Royal Wedding; Harry & Meghan’s Story So Far… This weekend a new chapter is set to be made in British Royal history; American Actress Meghan Markle will marry Prince Henry, Prince of Wales… better known as Harry. The wedding is set to cost a staggering £1,969,873, over 100 times more than the national average cost of £17,000! No wonder over 3 billion royal fans are set to tune into this Saturday’s big occasion!   How Did It Happen? It’s hard to believe that it was less than 2 years ago that the enchanting couple met in a London club, having been introduced by a mutual friend. Their first date was so successful that within a few hours they agreed to book a holiday on safari in Botswana! An actress from LA and an English Prince, it’ll never work they said! Needless to say, the rest is history… Not all…

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Cheddar Man Facial Reconstruction 2018

What Did Our Ancestors Really Look Like? With nearly 10% of today’s population in Britain being linked to our ancestors, archaeologists have always believed that they resembled a ‘white bearded cave man’ … until now. New research has unveiled that our earliest settlers had black skin, long dark hair and blue eyes! How do we know? Read more to find out. How Do We Know? With nearly 82% of Britain’s population being White British, it is easy to see how research in the past has all pointed to our ancestors bearing similar skin pigmentation. Archaeologists originally agreed that Cheddar Man had pale skin and fair hair, but recent examination of his DNA has proven that he actually had blue eyes, dark curly hair and most surprisingly had either very dark brown or black complexion. Not exactly your typical ‘White British’ man is it? Archaeologists made this breakthrough discovery by drilling…

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Private Tour to Stonehenge From London

Stonehenge Top Tips As we’re all stuck indoors in these unprecidented times, here at Tailored Tours we thought we’d shine some light on your day and share our best advice on travelling to Stonehenge next year. 2020 is likely to now be a complete washout, with all the travel restrictions and uncertainty looming over us. That means 2021 is likely to be very busy. We’d hate to see your rescheduled/planned tour for 2021 to turn out anything other than special, because we are only interested in delivering the best unique experiences! A private tour may not be your thing, so we’ve compiled some helpful advice if you’re planning your own tour to Stonehenge, as well as some other useful information.   Getting To Stonehenge: There are many options of getting to Stonehenge, but neither myself nor any tour expert can tell you the right answer for which method of transport…

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