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Best Places To Eat In Windsor

TOP 5 PLACES TO EAT OUT IN WINDSOR AND ETON Every year millions of tourists flock to Windsor to see the Queen’s favourite royal residence at Windsor Castle. Just across the river lies one of the most prestigious colleges in the world; Eton College. With so much history and heritage, it can be easy to overlook the fact that you may want to stop and have lunch or a coffee break whilst planning your day trip.   That’s why Tailored Tours have travelled to Windsor and Eton today to recommend 5 places that you can enjoy a quick bite to eat, some great fast food, traditional pubs or just a scenic spot by the river. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve got some fantastic tips for your day.      Check Out the video below to find out our favourite places to eat out in Windsor and Eton:   Want to…

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Private Tour to Stonehenge From London

Stonehenge Top Tips As we’re all stuck indoors in these unprecidented times, here at Tailored Tours we thought we’d shine some light on your day and share our best advice on travelling to Stonehenge next year. 2020 is likely to now be a complete washout, with all the travel restrictions and uncertainty looming over us. That means 2021 is likely to be very busy. We’d hate to see your rescheduled/planned tour for 2021 to turn out anything other than special, because we are only interested in delivering the best unique experiences! A private tour may not be your thing, so we’ve compiled some helpful advice if you’re planning your own tour to Stonehenge, as well as some other useful information.   Getting To Stonehenge: There are many options of getting to Stonehenge, but neither myself nor any tour expert can tell you the right answer for which method of transport…

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