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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to visit places that are not on the list of destinations?

Yes of course!
We have provided a selection of the most popular destinations from London, but we can tailor any tour to your specific wants or needs.
For a unique quote, go to the contact us page and let us know where you would like to go.
We can provide family/group tours in Western Europe as well as Wales and Scotland.

What language are the tours in?

All our tours are guided in English. If you have a specific requirement for a tour in a foreign language, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange a tour guide to speak in your desired language.

How will I know how much time I will have at the destinations?

Our online experts will suggest a recommended amount of time and an itinerary based on your destinations and where you start the tour.
The best thing about Tailored Tours is that you are your own boss!
If you want to spend longer at any destination, just let your guide know and you can rearrange your tour on the day to suit your preferences.

What level of mobility do I need to do book with Tailored Tours?

Tailored Tours operate in 8-seat Volkswagen Transporter Shuttles for their private tours, so you will need to be able to get into and out of he vehicle without the aid of special equipment. Most tours involve an element of walking to and from attractions, and around towns and cities.
However, if you prefer not to walk much but see and learn about things from the vehicle, we can arrange panoramic tours that are operated from the comfort of the vehicle.
For this type of tour, you will need to contact us in advance for a separate quote.

What is the typical age of people who travel with Tailored Tours?

Generally speaking, we attract families from overseas who are travelling to London and want a personal experience.
As the price for 1-4 people starts from £499, we very rarely get solo travelers, unless they have met friends or family along the way and join up with them for a tour.
The real value in our tours is that they are a great way to see attractions in your own time and visit a combination of places that are not readily available on scheduled tours.

Do you offer overnight tours?

Yes, we can provide multi-day tours to many destinations in Western Europe and the United Kingdom.
Please fill in your request on the ‘Contact Us’ page and let us know the dates you will be travelling, where you want to visit and how many days you want to travel for and we will provide you with a quote.