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Welcome to The Ancient Kingdom of Wessex:

From Stone Circles and Ancient Ruins to Roman Baths and Countryside Walks.. Wessex has the perfect ingredients to create the perfect day tour. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Why not Create Your Own Tour

Wessex Tours

Ancient Wonders of Wessex:

Step back in time to the mysterious world of our ancient ancestors as we take you on a private tour to the very best ancient monuments Wessexc has to offer. Starting the day at Stonehenge, we ensure an early start to avoid the big crowds at Stonehenge and be amongst the very first visitors at the sight.  After a visit to Stonehenge, you’ll be able to ‘tailor your tour’, choosing from a selection of a country pub lunch, a visit to a Old Sarum, a short hike to West Kennet Long Barrow and a walk around Avebury Stone Circle. Your guide will aid you in making your choice and you can create the perfect itinerary to match your personal needs.

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Avebury Stone Circle

Avebury is part of an extraordinary set of Neolithic and Bronze Age ceremonial sites that seemingly formed a vast sacred landscape. They include West Kennet AvenueWest Kennet Long BarrowThe SanctuaryWindmill Hill, and the mysterious Silbury Hill. Many can be reached on foot from the village.

Bath, Avebury and The Cotswolds:

With 2 amazing villages, 1 Roman City and 1 Stone Circle, the amount you see in just one day is quite remarkable! With the close proximity of these three destinations you won’t find yourself travelling all day and you will have plenty of time at each of the four destinations. If you want more time in a particular destination you can also tell your guide and plan your own itinerary!

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Castle Combe

The most popular spot for visitors to capture the beauty of Castle Combe.

Private Tour to Stonehenge and Glastonbury:

Combine visits to mythical Stonehenge and Glastonbury as we take you on an epic journey to unveil the truth behind the legend of King Arthur! View Tour

Glastonbury Abbey

A 9th Century Saxon Abbey which became the wealthiest Abbey in England. The home of ‘The Glastonbury Thorn’ and King Arthur’s Tomb.

Private Tour to Stonehenge, Bath and The Cotswolds:

Join us on a journey through time as we take you to three of the top visited attractions in England. What could be better than combining a Neolithic temple, Roman City and stunning Cotswold scenery all in one day?! View Tour

Castle Combe

One of the most picturesque villages in Europe.. Castle Combe has featured in multiple movies and dramas from War Horse to Doctor Dolittle (1967)

Private Tour to Bath and Windsor Castle:

We welcome you to the wonderful Kingdom of Wessex on a private tour to two of Britain’s top attractions.
After picking you up at your London hotel, in the morning your guide will keep you entertained as we head to the magnificent city of Bath.
In the afternoon we will take you on a scenic drive through the Cotswold Hills as we head towards Windsor Castle.

Sit back and enjoy tales of Viking, Saxon and Norman contenders for the English Crown as we head towards the largest inhabited castle in the world!  View Tour

Windsor Castle

The Queen’s Royal Guards marching back to the Round Tower after the Changing of The Guard Ceremony outside Saint George’s Chapel

Private Tour to Stonehenge and Windsor Castle:

Combine two of England’s most famous attractions in one day. In the morning enjoy a quiet visit to Stonehenge as we beat the crowds. Your expert guide with escort you around the stones, unveiling the truths and mystery of the stones. In the afternoon, we take you on a 900-year journey of Royal History at the magnificent Windsor Castle as we tell tales of monarchy, fires, weddings and The 100 Years War. View Tour


A 5000 year old monument built by British ancestors who revered the dead and held huge ceremonies at the Winter and Summer Solstice’s..

Private Tour to Bath and Stonehenge:

Join us on a journey through time as we take you to two of the top visited attractions in England. What could be better than combining a the world’s most famous stone circle with a Roman City with Georgian Architechture?! View Tour

The Royal Crescent

John Wood (The Younger)’s final design and Georgian masterpeice. 30 identical houses in a crescent overlooking Victoria Park, this row of houses has recently featured in the popular Netflix Series ‘Bridgerton’.

Private Tour to Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and Windsor Castle:

Join us on a record breaking tour… combining three of England’s finest attractions. In the morning we visit the world’s most famous stone circle, Stonehenge. Here your guide will escort you around the monument and enlighten you about the best kept secrets. A short drive from Stonehenge takes us to the one of just 4 original Magna Carta’s in existance as we go inside Salisbury Cathedral. After lunch, we finish the day tour at Windsor Castle, taking in the grandeur and opulence of The Queen’s favourite royal residence.  View Tour

Salisbury Cathedral

The magnificent cathedral spire at Salisbury stands at 123 metres, making it the largest spire in England..